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cx::ViewportPreRenderListener Class Reference

Listens to the start render event in a vtkRenderer. More...

#include <cxViewportListener.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::ViewportPreRenderListener:

Public Member Functions

 ViewportPreRenderListener ()
virtual ~ViewportPreRenderListener ()
virtual void callback ()
void setModified ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::ViewportListenerBase
 ViewportListenerBase ()
virtual ~ViewportListenerBase ()
void startListen (vtkRendererPtr renderer)
void stopListen ()
bool isListening () const
void setCallback (boost::function< void()> func)
double getVpnZoom ()
double getVpnZoom (Vector3D focalPoint)
 ViewportListenerBase::getVpnZoom Calculate the size of a 1mm line at the focal point projected into the normalized viewport space. This method uses a given point as the focal point. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addObservers ()
virtual void removeObservers ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from cx::ViewportListenerBase
typedef vtkSmartPointer< class ViewportObserverPrivateViewportObserverPrivatePtr
- Protected Attributes inherited from cx::ViewportListenerBase
ViewportObserverPrivatePtr mObserver
vtkRendererPtr mRenderer

Detailed Description

Listens to the start render event in a vtkRenderer.

A callback function is called when render is about to start. Use to perform special processing prior to a render operation.

The callback is called only of setModified() has been called since last callback.

Definition at line 91 of file cxViewportListener.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::ViewportPreRenderListener::ViewportPreRenderListener ( )

Definition at line 175 of file cxViewportListener.cpp.

cx::ViewportPreRenderListener::~ViewportPreRenderListener ( )

Definition at line 201 of file cxViewportListener.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void cx::ViewportPreRenderListener::addObservers ( )

Implements cx::ViewportListenerBase.

Definition at line 192 of file cxViewportListener.cpp.

void cx::ViewportPreRenderListener::callback ( )

Reimplemented from cx::ViewportListenerBase.

Definition at line 184 of file cxViewportListener.cpp.

void cx::ViewportPreRenderListener::removeObservers ( )

Implements cx::ViewportListenerBase.

Definition at line 196 of file cxViewportListener.cpp.

void cx::ViewportPreRenderListener::setModified ( )

Definition at line 179 of file cxViewportListener.cpp.

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