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An IGT application
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General preferences

  • Patient data folder: All patients folders will be stored here.
  • Profile: All settings and configurations will be stored in this profile. Press the "+" button to copy the current one and create a new profile.
  • VLC path: Path to the VLC media player. Used for recording videos of the application.
  • Tool smoothing: Smooth positions of tracked tools.


Parameters affecting the performance of the application.

  • Interval between renderings
  • Max Render Size: Volumes are downsampled to this size before rendered in 3D (2D still shows slices through original data).
  • Smart Render: Render only once per second if there is no changes in the scene.
  • 2D Overlay: Enable multiple volumes in 2D (GPU based multi slicer, can only handle up to 4 images).
  • Optimized views: Speedup by merging all 2D views into a single vtkRenderWindow
  • Still Update Rate: Property in vtkRenderWindow. Increasing this value may improve rendering speed at the cost of quality.
  • 3D Renderer: Select method for rendering images in 3D


Turn on/off automated operations.


Preferences for 2D and 3D visualization.


Preferences for aqcuired video (with video grabber or digital interface).

  • Choose a prefix for the grabbed video.
  • Save video in either 24 bit color or 8 bit greyscale (Digital video already in 8 bit will not be converted to 24 bit).
  • Compress stored video.

Tool Configuration

Setup tool configuration for tracking


Preferences used for debugging.