NorMIT-nav  18.04
An IGT application
Export Overview

All data for a session is stored in a "Patient folder" ending with .cx3:

 |- Images         - Images and polydata
 |- Logs           - Log files and position data
 |- Screenshots    - Screenshots (still and video)
 |- US_Acq (*)     - 3D ultrasound acquisition data

Export file types

Some data are created by CustusX or imported through plugins, while others are imported directly (Import Overview)

Datatype Saved/exported as file
Images/volumes .mhd
Surface models/polydata .vtk
Tracking positions .snwpos
Grabbed ultrasound/video streams (*) .mhd
Digital 2D/3D ultrasound streams (*) .mhd
Metrics Can be exported as .txt
Screenshots .png
Video screeshots (uses VLC) .mp4

(*) For file format of 3D ultrasound acquisitions, see US Acquisition Data File Format