NorMIT-nav  18.04
An IGT application
Utility Widgets

Video Connection Widget

Setup a connection to a video source. Video Streamers contains a list of all available video sources.

Playback Widget

View the previously recorded tool movements and video from the current patient. (video is only recorded during 3D acquisition).

Hover the mouse above the timeline in order to get information about that time.

  • Green indicates visible tools.
  • Orange indicates recorded video.
  • Black rectangles denote events, such as registrations and data imports.

Tip: Press the red putton to start playback.

Note: The tools in the current configuration must match those stored in the patient you want to playback. If there is a mismatch, a notification will appear in the console. Use that to add the correct tools.

Camera Control Widget

Trackpad for touch screen devices. Helps the user control the camera on a touch screen.

Console Widget

CustusX console, display device for system administration messages.

Click the upper left arrow for addition options.

Navigation Widget

Camera navigation.

Lets you select if the camera should follow a tool. Click the options to select camera following style.

Probe Config Widget

View and edit the probe configuration.

Units are in pixels, except width for sector probes that are in degrees.

Use the origin to define the position of the probe image in relation to the tool t space. Set the cropping box and the probe sector parameters (depth and width). All can be written back to the ProbeCalibConfigs.xml file.

Sampler Widget

Utility for sampling the current tool point.

Displays the current tool tip position in a selected coordinate system.

Point Sampling Widget

Utility for sampling points in 3D. Lets you sample points in 3D and get the distance between sampled points.

Prefer the Metrics Widget instead.