CustusX  2022.05.26-dev+develop.ffefb6
An IGT application
Import Overview

Import Widget

Import is performed in 3 steps:

  1. Add one or multiple files that are to be imported <Ctrl+I>.
  2. Enter correct parameters for all files.
  3. Press import button.

File Parameters

Anatomical coordinate system

  • LPS - Used by CustusX and DICOM
  • RAS - Used by NIfTI and ITK Snap (Make sure this is selscted when importing NIfTI files, or data from ITK Snap)

Import Parents transform

  • Copies the transform from the parent object

Set parent

  • Set a parent object. This will connect the two objects, so that they move together when performing operations like registrations.

Import file types

CustusX can import the following data types from file.

Image / volume data:

Input datatype Allowed variants Description
DICOM 8, 16, or 32 bit (signed or unsigned)
.mhd VTK mhd reader (with some CX additions)
.nii VTK NIfTI reader NIfTI file format
.png VTK png reader 2D pictures

Polydata / Surface models:

Input datatype Allowed variants Description
.stl VTK stl reader
.vtk VTK vtk format
.vtp VTK vtp format


Input datatype Allowed variants Description
.tag VTK MNI tag point reader MNI tag files.