CustusX  2022.05.26-dev+develop.ffefb6
An IGT application
Building/installing Plus Toolkit

These build instructions are intended for setting up CustusX together witk PlusServer on our internal CustusX racks, but can also be used for building PlusServer on machines that are going to use CustusX together with the Plus Toolkit.

Build Plus 2.6 for CustusX racks with Ubuntu 16.04

Build Plus on the developer user - then it will be available for all users on the rack computer.

cd dev
mkdir plus-2.6
cd plus-2.6
git clone PlusBuild
cd PlusBuild
git checkout Plus-2.6

Run CMake

  • Call bin folder PlusB-bin
  • Configure
  • (macOS. May need to set CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM to: /opt/local/bin/ninja)
  • (macOS. May need to set Qt5_DIR to e.g.: /Users/olevs/Qt/5.9.2/clang_64/lib/cmake/Qt5)
  • Check Advanced
  • Enable PLUS_USE_NDI
  • Generate
cd ..
cd PlusB-bin

Let Plus use CustusX rom files

This section is only relevant if you got a CustusX version with Plus tool files.

Plus access the tool rom files in a path relative to the Plus folder structure. Therefore you will have to copy the rom files from the CustusX installation to the Plus folder structure:

Copy the following folder from the CustusX installation: config/tool into the Plus folder structure: plus-2.6/PlusB-bin/PlusLibData/ConfigFiles.