CustusX  2022.05.26-dev+develop.ffefb6
An IGT application
Registration Method Plugin: Centerline

Centerline Registration

Registration method to register a centerline (.vtk file) to a path acquired from a tracked tool. Translation along each axis (x,y,z) and rotation around each axis (x,y,z) is optional.
Intended use: Endoscopy in esophagus (local/updated registration during procedure).
Tips: Switch off z translation and z rotation to use the registration method for local corrections in navigated endoscopy in esophagus.
Note! This widget must be visible during recording of endoscope/tool positions for data to be stored.


The input centerline .vtk file can be generated by points sampled in patient data


Input: centerline .vtk file + tracking data from tool
Output: Updated image to patient registration