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An IGT application
Fast Landmark Image to Patient Registration Method

Fast Image to Patient Registration

Fast Image Registration perform a registration based on tool orientation and one (or more) landmark(s).

The tool is used for setting an approximate patient orientation, and the landmark(s) are used for the translation part of the registration.

Fast image registration will move the moving image to the fixed image.


Prerequisite: Correctly oriented DICOM axes. Fast and approximate method for orienting the data to the patient.

Align the Polaris tool so that the tools tip points towards the patients feet and the markers face the same way as the patients nose. Click the Define Orientation button.

Tip: If the patient is orientated with the nose down towards the table, try using back face

Image Landmark(s)

Sample at least one landmark in the data set (Either add a new or resample an existing landmark).

The landmark(s) are used for the translation part of the registration.

Import point metrics as landmarks

Patient Landmark(s)

Select landmarks on the patient that corresponds to one or more of the points sampled in image registration. The points are used to determine the translation of the patient registration.

Point on the patient using a tool and click the Sample button. Press the register button to register fixed image.


Register patient to Fixed Volume

Usually the register button don't need to be used as the registration is automatically performed when 1 landmark is sampled both in the image and patient.