CustusX  2022.05.26-dev+develop.ffefb6
An IGT application

Metrics Widget

3D measurement tools.

Define points, distances and angles.

Several metrics use the same preferences

  • Space: Select coordinate system.
  • Sample: Sample current tool position.
  • Color: Display color.

Point Metrics

Point in selected coordinate system. Used by several other metrics.

Frame Metric

Position and orientation. Stored as 4x4 matrix.

Tool Metric

Store tool position and orientation. Tool name and offset is also stored.

Distance Metric

Distance between 2 point metrics. Select the point metrics to use.

Angle Metric

Angle between 2 lines. Defined as 4 points (defines two vectors).

Plane Metric

Plane. Defined as 2 points (defines a vector normal to the plane).

Sphere Metric

Spere. Defined as 1 point and radius.

Torus Metric

Torus/donut. Defined with 2 points. 1st point in center of torus. Torus is facing 2nd point.

Custom Metric

Custom metric. Use with meshes and images and set parameters for how they are displayed. Experimental.

Region Of Interest Metric

Used for setting ROI for Camera Style. Experimental.

Export and Import metrics to and from a file

It is possible to export all the metrics in the model to an XML file. Metrics can also be imported from such a file or a regular patient XML file. Point coordinates exported from third party tools like OsiriX/Horos etc. can also be imported as point metrics with same label names in CustusX. The only file format for such import for now is the MINC/tag file format. The imported point coordinates can be specified in LPS (DICOM) or RAS (Neuro imaging) coordinate system. During import the user also needs to specify which data set the points belong to.

Caution has to be used if there are metrics in the model of the same types as in the file, at the time of import. The metrics in the file might have the same Uid as some in the model, and those will not be imported. Furthermore, if you have a metric "A" in the file which depends on other metrics, "B" and "C", if any of those have the same Uid as any in your model, "b" and "c", you might get an unexpected coupling as your "A" will now be imported and connected to "b" and "c". You can also edit the file and give the metrics unique Uids before import to avoid this.