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An IGT application
Tutorial: Patient Landmark Registration

In order to view a volume in relation to the physical world, the volume and the world must be registered to each other. We call this operation Patient Registration.

Patient landmark registration is similar to image landmark registration, but points (landmarks) on one volume are defined in the same location as corresponding points in the physical space.

  1. Define landmarks on the fixed volume, the same way as in Tutorial: Image Landmark Registration.
  2. Goto Image2Patient Tab.
  3. Ensure Tracking is on.
  4. Use a Navigation Pointer to point at the landmarks, then press Sample Tool to add them.
  5. The system will automatically update the registration when 3 or more landmarks are defined, i.e. you should see that the pointer points to the correct location in the volume.
  6. Verify the quality of the registration. A graphical representation of the fixed/patient landmarks and their differences give an indication of the match. The accuracy in millimeters are also provided.