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cx::Acquisition Class Reference

#include <cxAcquisitionData.h>

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void stateChanged ()
void started ()
void acquisitionStopped ()
void cancelled ()
void readinessChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 Acquisition (AcquisitionDataPtr pluginData, QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~Acquisition ()
bool isReady (AcquisitionService::TYPES) const
QString getInfoText (AcquisitionService::TYPES) const
void startRecord (AcquisitionService::TYPES context, QString category, RecordSessionPtr session)
void stopRecord ()
void cancelRecord ()
void startPostProcessing ()
void stopPostProcessing ()
RecordSessionPtr getLatestSession ()
AcquisitionService::STATE getState () const
AcquisitionDataPtr getPluginData ()
AcquisitionService::TYPES getCurrentContext () const

Detailed Description

Shared Data and resources for the Acquisition Plugin

Definition at line 82 of file cxAcquisitionData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::Acquisition::Acquisition ( AcquisitionDataPtr  pluginData,
QObject *  parent = 0 


Definition at line 135 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

cx::Acquisition::~Acquisition ( )

Definition at line 145 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void cx::Acquisition::acquisitionStopped ( )

emitted when state changes from sRUNNING with valid recording data.

void cx::Acquisition::cancelled ( )

emitted when state changes from sRUNNING without valid recording data.

void cx::Acquisition::cancelRecord ( )

Cancel recording. Change state to not_running, remove session object.

Definition at line 242 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

AcquisitionService::TYPES cx::Acquisition::getCurrentContext ( ) const

Definition at line 124 of file cxAcquisitionData.h.

QString cx::Acquisition::getInfoText ( AcquisitionService::TYPES  context) const

Definition at line 157 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

RecordSessionPtr cx::Acquisition::getLatestSession ( )

Get latest recording session.

NULL if no last recording or the last one was cancelled. If called during a recording it will return the ongoing recording.

Definition at line 119 of file cxAcquisitionData.h.

AcquisitionDataPtr cx::Acquisition::getPluginData ( )

Definition at line 123 of file cxAcquisitionData.h.

AcquisitionService::STATE cx::Acquisition::getState ( ) const

Return the current state

Definition at line 122 of file cxAcquisitionData.h.

bool cx::Acquisition::isReady ( AcquisitionService::TYPES  context) const

Definition at line 149 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

void cx::Acquisition::readinessChanged ( )

Emitted if the readiness of the acq is changed. Use isReady() and getInfoText() get more info.

void cx::Acquisition::started ( )

emitted when state changes to sRUNNING

void cx::Acquisition::startPostProcessing ( )

Start post processing. Change state to post_processing.

Definition at line 256 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

void cx::Acquisition::startRecord ( AcquisitionService::TYPES  context,
QString  category,
RecordSessionPtr  session 

Start recording. Change state to running, create session object.

Definition at line 205 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

void cx::Acquisition::stateChanged ( )

Emitted each time start/stop/cancel/startpp/stoppp is called.

void cx::Acquisition::stopPostProcessing ( )

Stop post processing. Change state to not_running.

Definition at line 261 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

void cx::Acquisition::stopRecord ( )

Stop recording. Change state to not_running, finalize session object and keep it available.

Definition at line 227 of file cxAcquisitionData.cpp.

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