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cx::CustomMetaImage Class Reference

utility class for accessing metaheader files. More...

#include <cxCustomMetaImage.h>

Public Member Functions

 CustomMetaImage (QString filename)
Transform3D readTransform ()
void setTransform (const Transform3D M)
IMAGE_MODALITY readModality ()
IMAGE_SUBTYPE readImageType ()
void setModality (IMAGE_MODALITY value)
void setImageType (IMAGE_SUBTYPE value)
QString readKey (QString key)
void setKey (QString key, QString value)

Static Public Member Functions

static CustomMetaImagePtr create (QString filename)

Detailed Description

utility class for accessing metaheader files.

This is meant as a supplement to vtkMetaImageReader/Writer, extending that interface.

Definition at line 35 of file cxCustomMetaImage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::CustomMetaImage::CustomMetaImage ( QString  filename)

Definition at line 84 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

static CustomMetaImagePtr cx::CustomMetaImage::create ( QString  filename)

Definition at line 38 of file cxCustomMetaImage.h.

IMAGE_SUBTYPE cx::CustomMetaImage::readImageType ( )

Definition at line 123 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

QString cx::CustomMetaImage::readKey ( QString  key)

Definition at line 88 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

IMAGE_MODALITY cx::CustomMetaImage::readModality ( )

Definition at line 117 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

Transform3D cx::CustomMetaImage::readTransform ( )

Definition at line 182 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

void cx::CustomMetaImage::setImageType ( IMAGE_SUBTYPE  value)

Definition at line 176 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

void cx::CustomMetaImage::setKey ( QString  key,
QString  value 

Definition at line 152 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

void cx::CustomMetaImage::setModality ( IMAGE_MODALITY  value)

Definition at line 171 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

void cx::CustomMetaImage::setTransform ( const Transform3D  M)

Definition at line 241 of file cxCustomMetaImage.cpp.

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