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cx::GPUImageBufferRepository Class Reference

Repository for GPU buffers. More...

#include <cxGPUImageBuffer.h>

Public Member Functions

GPUImageDataBufferPtr getGPUImageDataBuffer (vtkImageDataPtr volume)
GPUImageLutBufferPtr getGPUImageLutBuffer (vtkUnsignedCharArrayPtr lut)
int getMemoryUsage (int *textures)
void clear ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GPUImageBufferRepositorygetInstance ()
static void shutdown ()

Detailed Description

Repository for GPU buffers.

Use this repository for avoiding multiple allocations of buffer data. *

Definition at line 112 of file cxGPUImageBuffer.h.

Member Function Documentation

void cx::GPUImageBufferRepository::clear ( )

Free all resources in the repository, for instance on session change

Definition at line 546 of file cxGPUImageBuffer.cpp.

GPUImageDataBufferPtr cx::GPUImageBufferRepository::getGPUImageDataBuffer ( vtkImageDataPtr  volume)

Definition at line 582 of file cxGPUImageBuffer.cpp.

GPUImageLutBufferPtr cx::GPUImageBufferRepository::getGPUImageLutBuffer ( vtkUnsignedCharArrayPtr  lut)

Definition at line 587 of file cxGPUImageBuffer.cpp.

GPUImageBufferRepository * cx::GPUImageBufferRepository::getInstance ( )

Definition at line 552 of file cxGPUImageBuffer.cpp.

int cx::GPUImageBufferRepository::getMemoryUsage ( int *  textures)

Definition at line 577 of file cxGPUImageBuffer.cpp.

void cx::GPUImageBufferRepository::shutdown ( )

Definition at line 561 of file cxGPUImageBuffer.cpp.

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