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An IGT application
cx::IGTLinkConversion Class Reference

#include <cxIGTLinkConversion.h>

Public Member Functions

igtl::StringMessage::Pointer encode (QString msg)
QString decode (igtl::StringMessage::Pointer msg)
QString decode (igtl::StatusMessage::Pointer msg)
ImagePtr decode (igtl::ImageMessage::Pointer msg)
Transform3D decode (igtl::TransformMessage::Pointer msg)
IGTLinkUSStatusMessage::Pointer encode (ProbeDefinitionPtr)
ProbeDefinitionPtr decode (IGTLinkUSStatusMessage::Pointer probeMessage, igtl::ImageMessage::Pointer imageMsg, ProbeDefinitionPtr base)

Detailed Description

Encode and decode OpenIGTLink messages

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Member Function Documentation

QString cx::IGTLinkConversion::decode ( igtl::StringMessage::Pointer  msg)

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QString cx::IGTLinkConversion::decode ( igtl::StatusMessage::Pointer  msg)

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ImagePtr cx::IGTLinkConversion::decode ( igtl::ImageMessage::Pointer  msg)

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Transform3D cx::IGTLinkConversion::decode ( igtl::TransformMessage::Pointer  msg)

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ProbeDefinitionPtr cx::IGTLinkConversion::decode ( IGTLinkUSStatusMessage::Pointer  probeMessage,
igtl::ImageMessage::Pointer  imageMsg,
ProbeDefinitionPtr  base 

Decode the input probe and image messages to create a ProbeDefinition object based in the input base.

Each message contains part of the data, the parts that are missing are simply not filled in (i.e. keep the values already present in base.)

Some or all of the input messages can be NULL.

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igtl::StringMessage::Pointer cx::IGTLinkConversion::encode ( QString  msg)

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IGTLinkUSStatusMessage::Pointer cx::IGTLinkConversion::encode ( ProbeDefinitionPtr  input)

Encode the input ProbeDefinition into an IGTLink message.

Definition at line 69 of file cxIGTLinkConversion.cpp.

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