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cx::ImageLUT2D Class Reference

Handling of color and opacity for 2D slices. More...

#include <cxImageLUT2D.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::ImageLUT2D:

Public Member Functions

 ImageLUT2D ()
ImageLUT2DPtr createCopy ()
void setFullRangeWinLevel (vtkImageDataPtr image)
 Set winlevel spanning the entire range. More...
vtkLookupTablePtr getOutputLookupTable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::ImageTFData
 ImageTFData ()
virtual ~ImageTFData ()
void setAlpha (double val)
 range [0..1] More...
double getAlpha () const
void setLLR (double val)
 range [scalarMin..scalarMax] More...
double getLLR () const
void setWindow (double val)
 range [1..scalarMax-scalarMin] More...
double getWindow () const
void setLevel (double val)
 range [scalarMin..scalarMax] More...
double getLevel () const
IntIntMap getOpacityMap ()
ColorMap getColorMap ()
void resetAlpha (IntIntMap val)
void addAlphaPoint (int alphaPosition, int alphaValue)
 Add point to the opacity transfer function. More...
void removeAlphaPoint (int alphaPosition)
 Remove point from the opacity transfer function. More...
void moveAlphaPoint (int oldpos, int newpos, int alphaValue)
void resetColor (ColorMap val)
void addColorPoint (int colorPosition, QColor colorValue)
 Add point to the color transfer function. More...
void removeColorPoint (int colorPosition)
 Remove point from the color transfer function. More...
void moveColorPoint (int oldpos, int newpos, QColor colorValue)
virtual void addXml (QDomNode dataNode)
 adds xml information about the transferfunction and its variabels More...
virtual void parseXml (QDomNode dataNode)
 Use a XML node to load data. More...
void unsignedCT (bool onLoad)
void shift (int val)
 shift the transfter function index values by the input amount. Used for signed/unsigned conversion. More...
vtkColorTransferFunctionPtr generateColorTF () const
vtkPiecewiseFunctionPtr generateOpacityTF () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void internalsHaveChanged ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cx::ImageTFData
void deepCopy (ImageTFData *source)
void fillOpacityTFFromMap (vtkPiecewiseFunctionPtr tf) const
void fillColorTFFromMap (vtkColorTransferFunctionPtr tf) const
void shiftColor (int shift, double center, double scale)
void shiftOpacity (int shift)

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from cx::ImageTFData
void transferFunctionsChanged ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from cx::ImageTFData
IntIntMap mOpacityMap
ColorMap mColorMap

Detailed Description

Handling of color and opacity for 2D slices.

Set the basic lut using either setLut() or setColorMap(), then modify it with window and level. The alpha channel in this lut is ignored. The opacity is controlled with LLR and Alpha values, which creates a step function for the opacity. The AlphaMap from the superclass is not used, it is overwritten by setting llr/alpha.

The slicer classes will use the data either by getting the LUT+parameters(win/lvl(llr/alpha) and, or by getting OutputLookupTable() which is a merge of the LUT and parameters.

Created on: Jan 9, 2009 Author: christiana

Definition at line 47 of file cxImageLUT2D.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::ImageLUT2D::ImageLUT2D ( )

Definition at line 34 of file cxImageLUT2D.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

ImageLUT2DPtr cx::ImageLUT2D::createCopy ( )

Definition at line 73 of file cxImageLUT2D.cpp.

vtkLookupTablePtr cx::ImageLUT2D::getOutputLookupTable ( )

Definition at line 89 of file cxImageLUT2D.cpp.

void cx::ImageLUT2D::internalsHaveChanged ( )

Rebuild the opacity tf from LLR and alpha. This is because the 2D renderer only handles llr+alpha.

Reimplemented from cx::ImageTFData.

Definition at line 113 of file cxImageLUT2D.cpp.

void cx::ImageLUT2D::setFullRangeWinLevel ( vtkImageDataPtr  image)

Set winlevel spanning the entire range.

Definition at line 80 of file cxImageLUT2D.cpp.

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