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cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget Class Reference

#include <cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget:
cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget cx::RegistrationBaseWidget cx::BaseWidget cx::OptimizedUpdateWidget

Public Member Functions

 LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget (RegServicesPtr services, QWidget *parent, QString objectName, QString windowTitle)
 sets up layout and connects signals and slots More...
virtual ~LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget ()
 empty More...
virtual QString defaultWhatsThis () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget
 LandmarkRegistrationWidget (RegServicesPtr services, QWidget *parent, QString objectName, QString windowTitle, bool showAccuracy=true)
virtual ~LandmarkRegistrationWidget ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::RegistrationBaseWidget
 RegistrationBaseWidget (RegServicesPtr services, QWidget *parent, QString objectName, QString windowTitle)
virtual ~RegistrationBaseWidget ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::BaseWidget
 BaseWidget (QWidget *parent, QString objectName, QString windowTitle)
virtual ~BaseWidget ()
QWidget * createMethodWidget (QWidget *inputWidget, QWidget *outputWidget, QString methodname, bool inputChecked=false, bool outputVisible=true)
 Create a specialized widget for filters, with input/ouput, enable and options. More...
QGroupBox * createGroupbox (QWidget *widget, QString boxname)
 Create a group box with a given name. More...
QGroupBox * wrapInGroupBox (QWidget *base, QString name)
CXFramewrapInFrame (QWidget *base)
QAction * createAction2 (QObject *parent, QIcon iconName, QString text, QString tip, QLayout *layout=NULL, QToolButton *button=new QToolButton())
template<class T >
QAction * createAction (QObject *parent, QIcon iconName, QString text, QString tip, T slot, QLayout *layout=NULL, QToolButton *button=new QToolButton())
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::OptimizedUpdateWidget
 OptimizedUpdateWidget (QWidget *parent=NULL)
virtual ~OptimizedUpdateWidget ()
void forcePrePaint ()

Protected Slots

void registerSlot ()
void translationCheckBoxChanged ()
- Protected Slots inherited from cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget
virtual void cellClickedSlot (int row, int column)
 when a landmark is selected from the table More...
void cellChangedSlot (int row, int column)
 reacts when the user types in a (landmark) name More...
void landmarkUpdatedSlot ()
void updateAverageAccuracyLabel ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void showEvent (QShowEvent *event)
 updates internal info before showing the widget More...
virtual void hideEvent (QHideEvent *event)
virtual LandmarkMap getTargetLandmarks () const
virtual void performRegistration ()
virtual void prePaintEvent ()
 populates the table widget More...
virtual Transform3D getTargetTransform () const
virtual void setTargetLandmark (QString uid, Vector3D p_target)
virtual QString getTargetName () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget
void setManualToolPosition (Vector3D p_r)
QString getNextLandmark ()
void activateLandmark (QString uid)
std::vector< LandmarkgetAllLandmarks () const
 get all the landmarks from the image and the datamanager More...
QString getLandmarkName (QString uid)
double getAccuracy (QString uid)
double getAverageAccuracy ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cx::OptimizedUpdateWidget
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event)

Protected Attributes

StringPropertyRegistrationFixedImagePtr mFixedProperty
StringPropertyRegistrationMovingImagePtr mMovingProperty
QPushButton * mRegisterButton
QCheckBox * mTranslationCheckBox
- Protected Attributes inherited from cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget
QVBoxLayout * mVerticalLayout
 vertical layout is used More...
QTableWidget * mLandmarkTableWidget
 the table widget presenting the landmarks More...
QLabel * mAvarageAccuracyLabel
 label showing the average accuracy More...
QString mActiveLandmark
 uid of surrently selected landmark. More...
LandmarkListenerPtr mLandmarkListener
bool mShowAccuracy
- Protected Attributes inherited from cx::RegistrationBaseWidget
RegServicesPtr mServices

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from cx::BaseWidget
void adjustSizeSlot ()
- Public Slots inherited from cx::OptimizedUpdateWidget
virtual void setModified ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cx::BaseWidget
static QFrame * createHorizontalLine ()
 Creates a horizontal line which can be inserted into widgets. More...

Detailed Description

Widget for performing image to image registration using landmarks.

Definition at line 39 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget ( RegServicesPtr  services,
QWidget *  parent,
QString  objectName,
QString  windowTitle 

sets up layout and connects signals and slots

Definition at line 37 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::~LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget ( )


Definition at line 77 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QString cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::defaultWhatsThis ( ) const

Definition at line 81 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

LandmarkMap cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::getTargetLandmarks ( ) const
QString cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::getTargetName ( ) const
Transform3D cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::getTargetTransform ( ) const

Return transform from target space to reference space

Implements cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget.

Definition at line 124 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

void cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::hideEvent ( QHideEvent *  event)

Reimplemented from cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget.

Definition at line 95 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

void cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::performRegistration ( )
void cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::prePaintEvent ( )

populates the table widget

Reimplemented from cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget.

Definition at line 101 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

void cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::registerSlot ( )

Definition at line 72 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

void cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::setTargetLandmark ( QString  uid,
Vector3D  p_target 
void cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::showEvent ( QShowEvent *  event)

updates internal info before showing the widget

Reimplemented from cx::LandmarkRegistrationWidget.

Definition at line 89 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

void cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::translationCheckBoxChanged ( )

Definition at line 67 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

StringPropertyRegistrationFixedImagePtr cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::mFixedProperty

Definition at line 65 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.h.

StringPropertyRegistrationMovingImagePtr cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::mMovingProperty

Definition at line 66 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.h.

QPushButton* cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::mRegisterButton

Definition at line 68 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.h.

QCheckBox* cx::LandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget::mTranslationCheckBox

Definition at line 69 of file cxLandmarkImage2ImageRegistrationWidget.h.

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