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cx::MessageLogger Class Reference

#include <cxLogger.h>

Public Member Functions

 MessageLogger (const char *file, int line, const char *function, const QString &channel, MESSAGE_LEVEL severity)
 ~MessageLogger ()
MessageLogger logger () const
MessageLogger logger (QString text) const
template<class T >
MessageLoggeroperator<< (T value)

Detailed Description

Helper class for logging to a cx::Reporter

Based on the Qt logger classes QDebug and QMessageLogger

Definition at line 38 of file cxLogger.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::MessageLogger::MessageLogger ( const char *  file,
int  line,
const char *  function,
const QString &  channel,
MESSAGE_LEVEL  severity 

Definition at line 28 of file cxLogger.cpp.

cx::MessageLogger::~MessageLogger ( )

Definition at line 42 of file cxLogger.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

MessageLogger cx::MessageLogger::logger ( ) const

Definition at line 51 of file cxLogger.cpp.

MessageLogger cx::MessageLogger::logger ( QString  text) const

Definition at line 56 of file cxLogger.cpp.

template<class T >
MessageLogger& cx::MessageLogger::operator<< ( value)

Definition at line 48 of file cxLogger.h.

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