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cx::NavigatedVideoImage Class Reference

Image subclass for live updated 2D images tied to a tool. More...

#include <cxNavigatedVideoImage.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::NavigatedVideoImage:
cx::Image cx::Data

Public Member Functions

 NavigatedVideoImage (QString uid, VideoSourcePtr source, SliceProxyPtr sliceProxy, QString name="")
virtual Transform3D get_rMd () const
virtual double computeFullViewZoomFactor (DoubleBoundingBox3D viewport) const
 Compute the largest zoom factor that will still fit the entire video image in the given viewport. More...
virtual void setToolPosition (double, double)
 Set the position of the tool point in the video image. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::Image
ImagePtr copy ()
virtual ~Image ()
 Image (const QString &uid, const vtkImageDataPtr &data, const QString &name="")
virtual void intitializeFromParentImage (ImagePtr parentImage)
virtual void setVtkImageData (const vtkImageDataPtr &data, bool resetTransferFunctions=true)
virtual vtkImageDataPtr getBaseVtkImageData ()
virtual vtkImageDataPtr getGrayScaleVtkImageData ()
 as getBaseVtkImageData(), but constrained to 1 component if multicolor. More...
virtual vtkImageDataPtr get8bitGrayScaleVtkImageData ()
 Have never been used or tested. Create a test for it. More...
virtual ImagePtr getUnsigned (ImagePtr self)
virtual IMAGE_MODALITY getModality () const
virtual void setModality (const IMAGE_MODALITY &val)
virtual IMAGE_SUBTYPE getImageType () const
virtual void setImageType (const IMAGE_SUBTYPE &val)
virtual ImageTF3DPtr getTransferFunctions3D ()
virtual void setTransferFunctions3D (ImageTF3DPtr transferFuntion)
virtual ImageLUT2DPtr getLookupTable2D ()
virtual void setLookupTable2D (ImageLUT2DPtr imageLookupTable2D)
virtual void setInitialWindowLevel (double width, double level)
double getInitialWindowLevel () const
double getInitialWindowWidth () const
virtual DoubleBoundingBox3D boundingBox () const
 bounding box in image space More...
virtual Eigen::Array3d getSpacing () const
virtual vtkImageAccumulatePtr getHistogram ()
virtual int getMax ()
virtual int getMin ()
virtual int getRange ()
 For convenience: getMax() - getMin() More...
virtual int getMaxAlphaValue ()
 Max alpha value (probably 255) More...
virtual void setShadingOn (bool on)
virtual bool getShadingOn () const
virtual void setShadingAmbient (double ambient)
 Set shading ambient parmeter. More...
virtual void setShadingDiffuse (double diffuse)
 Set shading diffuse parmeter. More...
virtual void setShadingSpecular (double specular)
 Set shading specular parmeter. More...
virtual void setShadingSpecularPower (double specularPower)
 Set shading specular power parmeter. More...
virtual double getShadingAmbient ()
 Get shading ambient parmeter. More...
virtual double getShadingDiffuse ()
 Get shading diffuse parmeter. More...
virtual double getShadingSpecular ()
 Get shading specular parmeter. More...
virtual double getShadingSpecularPower ()
 Get shading specular power parmeter. More...
virtual Image::ShadingStruct getShading ()
virtual void setShading (Image::ShadingStruct shading)
void addXml (QDomNode &dataNode)
 adds xml information about the image and its variabels More...
virtual void parseXml (QDomNode &dataNode)
 Use a XML node to load data. More...
virtual bool load (QString path, FileManagerServicePtr filemanager)
virtual QString getType () const
virtual QIcon getIcon ()
virtual void setCropping (bool on)
virtual bool getCropping () const
virtual void setCroppingBox (const DoubleBoundingBox3D &bb_d)
virtual DoubleBoundingBox3D getCroppingBox () const
void mergevtkSettingsIntosscTransform ()
void resetTransferFunctions (bool _2D=true, bool _3D=true)
 Resets the transfer functions and creates new default values. More...
void moveThisAndChildrenToThread (QThread *thread)
 Move this and all children to thread. Use the thread is generated in a worker thread and the result is to be used in the main thread. More...
void setInterpolationType (int val)
int getInterpolationType () const
vtkImageDataPtr resample (long maxVoxels)
virtual void save (const QString &basePath, FileManagerServicePtr filemanager)
void startThresholdPreview (const Eigen::Vector2d &threshold)
void stopThresholdPreview ()
double getVTKMinValue ()
double getVTKMaxValue ()
bool is2D ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::Data
 Data (const QString &uid, const QString &name="")
virtual ~Data ()
void setUid (const QString &uid)
void setName (const QString &name)
void setAcquisitionTime (QDateTime time)
void setSoftwareAcquisitionTime (QDateTime time)
void setOriginalAcquisitionTime (QDateTime time)
virtual RegistrationHistoryPtr get_rMd_History ()
LandmarksPtr getLandmarks ()
virtual QString getUid () const
virtual QString getName () const
virtual QDateTime getAcquisitionTime () const
virtual TimeInfo getAdvancedTimeInfo () const
virtual bool isEqual (DataPtr metric)
virtual QString getFilename () const
virtual void setFilename (QString val)
virtual QString getSpace ()
virtual QString getParentSpace ()
virtual std::vector< Vector3DgetPointCloud () const
virtual CoordinateSystem getCoordinateSystem ()
virtual void addPersistentClipPlane (vtkPlanePtr plane)
virtual std::vector< vtkPlanePtrgetAllClipPlanes ()
virtual void clearPersistentClipPlanes ()
virtual void setInteractiveClipPlane (vtkPlanePtr plane)
 set a plane that is not saved More...
void addInteractiveClipPlane (vtkPlanePtr plane)
void removeInteractiveClipPlane (vtkPlanePtr plane)

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from cx::Image
void vtkImageDataChanged (QString uid=QString())
 emitted when the vktimagedata are invalidated and must be retrieved anew. More...
void transferFunctionsChanged ()
 emitted when image transfer functions in 2D or 3D are changed. More...
void cropBoxChanged ()
- Signals inherited from cx::Data
void transformChanged ()
 emitted when transform is changed More...
void propertiesChanged ()
 emitted when one of the metadata properties (uid, name etc) changes More...
void clipPlanesChanged ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cx::Image
static ImagePtr create (const QString &uid, const QString &name)
static QString getTypeName ()
static vtkImageDataPtr createDummyImageData (int axisSize, int maxVoxelValue)
 Create a moc object of vtkImageData. More...
- Protected Slots inherited from cx::Image
virtual void transformChangedSlot ()
- Protected Slots inherited from cx::Data
virtual void transformChangedSlot ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from cx::Image
vtkImageDataPtr mBaseImageData
 image data in data space More...
vtkImageDataPtr mBaseGrayScaleImageData
 image data in data space More...
vtkImageAccumulatePtr mHistogramPtr
 Histogram. More...
ImagePtr mUnsigned
 version of this containing unsigned data. More...
ShadingStruct mShading
bool mUseCropping
 image should be cropped using mCroppingBox More...
DoubleBoundingBox3D mCroppingBox_d
 box defining the cropping size. More...
 modality of the image, defined as DICOM tag (0008,0060), Section 3, C. More...
 type of the image, defined as DICOM tag (0008,0008) (mainly value 3, but might be a merge of value 4), Section 3, C. More...
double mMaxRGBIntensity
int mInterpolationType
 mirror the interpolationType in vtkVolumeProperty More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from cx::Data
QString mUid
QString mName
QString mFilename
TimeInfo mTimeInfo
LandmarksPtr mLandmarks
RegistrationHistoryPtr m_rMd_History
std::vector< vtkPlanePtrmPersistentClipPlanes
std::vector< vtkPlanePtrmInteractiveClipPlanes
vtkPlanePtr mInteractiveClipPlane

Detailed Description

Image subclass for live updated 2D images tied to a tool.

This class can be used to wrap a VideoSource in an Image that can be used in 2D views to combine the video source with slices of other images. This image is allways registered in a particular way to a tool specified using a SliceProxy.

Definition at line 35 of file cxNavigatedVideoImage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::NavigatedVideoImage::NavigatedVideoImage ( QString  uid,
VideoSourcePtr  source,
SliceProxyPtr  sliceProxy,
QString  name = "" 

Definition at line 20 of file cxNavigatedVideoImage.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

double cx::NavigatedVideoImage::computeFullViewZoomFactor ( DoubleBoundingBox3D  viewport) const

Compute the largest zoom factor that will still fit the entire video image in the given viewport.

Definition at line 61 of file cxNavigatedVideoImage.cpp.

Transform3D cx::NavigatedVideoImage::get_rMd ( ) const
the transform M_rd from the data object's space (d) to the reference space (r).

Overriden from Image to make sure this image is allways fixed in the slice plane of the given slice proxy and positioned according to the given tool position offset

Reimplemented from cx::Data.

Definition at line 44 of file cxNavigatedVideoImage.cpp.

void cx::NavigatedVideoImage::setToolPosition ( double  positionX,
double  positionY 

Set the position of the tool point in the video image.

The arguments are in pixels of the video image. A negative value sets the position to be in the centre of the image along that axis

Definition at line 91 of file cxNavigatedVideoImage.cpp.

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