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cx::PatientModelService Class Referenceabstract

The virtual patient. More...

#include <cxPatientModelService.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::PatientModelService:
cx::PatientModelImplService cx::PatientModelServiceNull cx::PatientModelServiceProxy

Public Types

enum  DataFilter { HideUnavailable, AllData }


void operatingTableChanged ()
void centerChanged ()
 emitted when center is changed. More...
void dataAddedOrRemoved ()
void landmarkPropertiesChanged ()
 emitted when global info about a landmark changed More...
void clinicalApplicationChanged ()
void rMprChanged ()
void streamLoaded ()
void patientChanged ()
void videoAddedToTrackedStream ()

Public Member Functions

virtual ~PatientModelService ()
virtual void insertData (DataPtr data, bool overWrite=false)=0
virtual std::map< QString, DataPtrgetDatas (DataFilter filter=HideUnavailable) const =0
virtual std::map< QString, DataPtrgetChildren (QString parent_uid, QString of_type="") const =0
virtual DataPtr createData (QString type, QString uid, QString name="")=0
virtual void removeData (QString uid)=0
template<class DATA >
std::map< QString, boost::shared_ptr< DATA > > getDataOfType () const
DataPtr getData (const QString &uid) const
template<class DATA >
boost::shared_ptr< DATA > getData (const QString &uid) const
template<class DATA >
boost::shared_ptr< DATA > createSpecificData (QString uid, QString name="")
virtual std::map< QString, VideoSourcePtrgetStreams () const =0
VideoSourcePtr getStream (const QString &uid) const
 Convenience function getting a specified stream. More...
virtual Transform3D get_rMpr () const
virtual RegistrationHistoryPtr get_rMpr_History () const =0
virtual ActiveDataPtr getActiveData () const =0
virtual LandmarksPtr getPatientLandmarks () const =0
 landmark defined in patient space More...
virtual std::map< QString, LandmarkPropertygetLandmarkProperties () const =0
virtual void setLandmarkName (QString uid, QString name)=0
virtual void setLandmarkActive (QString uid, bool active)=0
virtual QString addLandmark ()=0
virtual void deleteLandmarks ()=0
virtual void updateRegistration_rMpr (const QDateTime &oldTime, const RegistrationTransform &newTransform)
virtual QString getActivePatientFolder () const =0
QString generateFilePath (QString folderName, QString ending)
virtual bool isPatientValid () const =0
virtual DataPtr importData (QString fileName, QString &infoText)=0
virtual void exportPatient (PATIENT_COORDINATE_SYSTEM externalSpace)=0
virtual PresetTransferFunctions3DPtr getPresetTransferFunctions3D () const =0
virtual void setCenter (const Vector3D &center)=0
virtual Vector3D getCenter () const =0
 current common center point for user viewing. More...
virtual void setOperatingTable (const OperatingTable &ot)=0
virtual OperatingTable getOperatingTable () const =0
virtual CLINICAL_VIEW getClinicalApplication () const =0
virtual void setClinicalApplication (CLINICAL_VIEW application)=0
virtual void autoSave ()=0
virtual bool isNull ()=0
virtual void makeAvailable (const QString &uid, bool available)=0
 Exclude this data from getDatas() More...

Static Public Member Functions

static PatientModelServicePtr getNullObject ()

Detailed Description

The virtual patient.

PatientModelService provides access to the Patient Specific Model (PaSM).

  • data entities
    • volumes
    • surfaces
    • metrics
    • etc
  • relations between entities in space, time and structure
  • load/save
Christian Askeland, SINTEF
Ole Vegard Solberg, SINTEF

Definition at line 85 of file cxPatientModelService.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 91 of file cxPatientModelService.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual cx::PatientModelService::~PatientModelService ( )

Definition at line 89 of file cxPatientModelService.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual QString cx::PatientModelService::addLandmark ( )
pure virtual
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::autoSave ( )
pure virtual
void cx::PatientModelService::centerChanged ( )

emitted when center is changed.

void cx::PatientModelService::clinicalApplicationChanged ( )
virtual DataPtr cx::PatientModelService::createData ( QString  type,
QString  uid,
QString  name = "" 
pure virtual

Create Data object of given type.

uid must be unique, or contain the string %1 that will be replaced with a running index that makes the uid unique. The same applies to name. An empty name will set name = uid.

Implemented in cx::PatientModelServiceProxy, cx::PatientModelImplService, and cx::PatientModelServiceNull.

template<class DATA >
boost::shared_ptr< DATA > cx::PatientModelService::createSpecificData ( QString  uid,
QString  name = "" 

Definition at line 202 of file cxPatientModelService.h.

void cx::PatientModelService::dataAddedOrRemoved ( )
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::deleteLandmarks ( )
pure virtual
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::exportPatient ( PATIENT_COORDINATE_SYSTEM  externalSpace)
pure virtual
QString cx::PatientModelService::generateFilePath ( QString  folderName,
QString  ending 

Definition at line 66 of file cxPatientModelService.cpp.

Transform3D cx::PatientModelService::get_rMpr ( ) const

Reimplemented in cx::PatientModelImplService.

Definition at line 45 of file cxPatientModelService.cpp.

virtual RegistrationHistoryPtr cx::PatientModelService::get_rMpr_History ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual ActiveDataPtr cx::PatientModelService::getActiveData ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual QString cx::PatientModelService::getActivePatientFolder ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual Vector3D cx::PatientModelService::getCenter ( ) const
pure virtual

current common center point for user viewing.

Implemented in cx::PatientModelServiceProxy, cx::PatientModelImplService, and cx::PatientModelServiceNull.

virtual std::map<QString, DataPtr> cx::PatientModelService::getChildren ( QString  parent_uid,
QString  of_type = "" 
) const
pure virtual
virtual CLINICAL_VIEW cx::PatientModelService::getClinicalApplication ( ) const
pure virtual
DataPtr cx::PatientModelService::getData ( const QString &  uid) const

Definition at line 33 of file cxPatientModelService.cpp.

template<class DATA >
boost::shared_ptr< DATA > cx::PatientModelService::getData ( const QString &  uid) const

Definition at line 196 of file cxPatientModelService.h.

template<class DATA >
std::map< QString, boost::shared_ptr< DATA > > cx::PatientModelService::getDataOfType ( ) const

Definition at line 182 of file cxPatientModelService.h.

virtual std::map<QString, DataPtr> cx::PatientModelService::getDatas ( DataFilter  filter = HideUnavailable) const
pure virtual
virtual std::map<QString, LandmarkProperty> cx::PatientModelService::getLandmarkProperties ( ) const
pure virtual

Get all defined landmarks. These landmarks are additionally defined in specific coordinate spaces, such as patient and for each Data.

Implemented in cx::PatientModelServiceProxy, cx::PatientModelImplService, and cx::PatientModelServiceNull.

PatientModelServicePtr cx::PatientModelService::getNullObject ( )

Definition at line 25 of file cxPatientModelService.cpp.

virtual OperatingTable cx::PatientModelService::getOperatingTable ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual LandmarksPtr cx::PatientModelService::getPatientLandmarks ( ) const
pure virtual

landmark defined in patient space

Implemented in cx::PatientModelServiceProxy, cx::PatientModelImplService, and cx::PatientModelServiceNull.

virtual PresetTransferFunctions3DPtr cx::PatientModelService::getPresetTransferFunctions3D ( ) const
pure virtual
VideoSourcePtr cx::PatientModelService::getStream ( const QString &  uid) const

Convenience function getting a specified stream.

Definition at line 58 of file cxPatientModelService.cpp.

virtual std::map<QString, VideoSourcePtr> cx::PatientModelService::getStreams ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual DataPtr cx::PatientModelService::importData ( QString  fileName,
QString &  infoText 
pure virtual
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::insertData ( DataPtr  data,
bool  overWrite = false 
pure virtual
virtual bool cx::PatientModelService::isNull ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool cx::PatientModelService::isPatientValid ( ) const
pure virtual
void cx::PatientModelService::landmarkPropertiesChanged ( )

emitted when global info about a landmark changed

virtual void cx::PatientModelService::makeAvailable ( const QString &  uid,
bool  available 
pure virtual
void cx::PatientModelService::operatingTableChanged ( )
void cx::PatientModelService::patientChanged ( )
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::removeData ( QString  uid)
pure virtual
void cx::PatientModelService::rMprChanged ( )
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::setCenter ( const Vector3D center)
pure virtual
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::setClinicalApplication ( CLINICAL_VIEW  application)
pure virtual
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::setLandmarkActive ( QString  uid,
bool  active 
pure virtual
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::setLandmarkName ( QString  uid,
QString  name 
pure virtual
virtual void cx::PatientModelService::setOperatingTable ( const OperatingTable ot)
pure virtual
void cx::PatientModelService::streamLoaded ( )
void cx::PatientModelService::updateRegistration_rMpr ( const QDateTime &  oldTime,
const RegistrationTransform newTransform 

Definition at line 50 of file cxPatientModelService.cpp.

void cx::PatientModelService::videoAddedToTrackedStream ( )

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