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cx::PlaybackTime Class Reference

Controller for historic time, playback etc. More...

#include <cxPlaybackTime.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::PlaybackTime:

Public Slots

void start ()
 start playing. More...
void stop ()
 stop playing and reset to start More...
void pause ()
 pause playing More...


void changed ()

Public Member Functions

 PlaybackTime ()
virtual ~PlaybackTime ()
void initialize (QDateTime start, qint64 length)
void forward (qint64 msecs)
 jump forward in ms More...
void rewind (qint64 msecs)
 jump backward in ms More...
bool isPlaying () const
void setTime (QDateTime time)
QDateTime getTime () const
void setOffset (qint64 val)
 set time as an offset from start More...
void moveOffset (qint64 delta)
 change the offset with an amount More...
qint64 getOffset () const
qint64 getLength () const
 length of recording in ms More...
QDateTime getStartTime () const
void setSpeed (double val)
 set speed as a ratio of real time. 1 is real time, less is slower, more is faster. More...
double getSpeed () const
void setResolution (qint64 val)
 set resolution in ms (signals are emitted with this spacing) More...
double getResolution ()

Detailed Description

Controller for historic time, playback etc.

Mar 29, 2012
Christian Askeland, SINTEF

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