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cx::SavingVideoRecorder Class Reference

Recorder for a VideoSource. More...

#include <cxSavingVideoRecorder.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::SavingVideoRecorder:

Public Member Functions

 SavingVideoRecorder (VideoSourcePtr source, QString saveFolder, QString prefix, bool compressed, bool writeColor, FileManagerServicePtr filemanagerservice)
virtual ~SavingVideoRecorder ()
virtual void startRecord ()
virtual void stopRecord ()
void cancel ()
CachedImageDataContainerPtr getImageData ()
std::vector< TimeInfogetTimestamps ()
QString getSaveFolder ()
void completeSave ()
VideoSourcePtr getSource ()

Detailed Description

Recorder for a VideoSource.

Record all frames from the input source and store them in an internal buffer. Simultaneously save the data to disk continously using a VideoRecorderSaveThread.

Replacement for the overly complicated class VideoRecorder

Dwc 2, 2012

Definition at line 104 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::SavingVideoRecorder::SavingVideoRecorder ( VideoSourcePtr  source,
QString  saveFolder,
QString  prefix,
bool  compressed,
bool  writeColor,
FileManagerServicePtr  filemanagerservice 

Definition at line 178 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.cpp.

cx::SavingVideoRecorder::~SavingVideoRecorder ( )

Definition at line 191 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void cx::SavingVideoRecorder::cancel ( )

Definition at line 230 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.cpp.

void cx::SavingVideoRecorder::completeSave ( )

Call to force complete the writing of data to disk.

Definition at line 257 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.cpp.

CachedImageDataContainerPtr cx::SavingVideoRecorder::getImageData ( )

Definition at line 220 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.cpp.

QString cx::SavingVideoRecorder::getSaveFolder ( )

Definition at line 118 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.h.

VideoSourcePtr cx::SavingVideoRecorder::getSource ( )

Definition at line 124 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.h.

std::vector< TimeInfo > cx::SavingVideoRecorder::getTimestamps ( )

Definition at line 225 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.cpp.

void cx::SavingVideoRecorder::startRecord ( )

Definition at line 197 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.cpp.

void cx::SavingVideoRecorder::stopRecord ( )

Definition at line 202 of file cxSavingVideoRecorder.cpp.

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