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cx::StateService Class Referenceabstract

Workflow states for CustusX. More...

#include <cxStateService.h>

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cx::StateServiceImpl cx::StateServiceNull cx::StateServiceProxy


void workflowStateChanged ()
void workflowStateAboutToChange ()
void applicationStateChanged ()

Public Member Functions

virtual ~StateService ()
virtual QString getVersionName ()=0
virtual QString getApplicationStateName () const =0
virtual QStringList getAllApplicationStateNames () const =0
virtual QActionGroup * getWorkflowActions ()=0
virtual void setWorkFlowState (QString uid)=0
virtual Desktop getActiveDesktop ()=0
virtual void saveDesktop (Desktop desktop)=0
virtual void resetDesktop ()=0
virtual bool isNull ()=0

Static Public Member Functions

static StateServicePtr getNullObject ()

Protected Member Functions

void fillDefaultSettings ()
template<class T >
void fillDefault (QString name, T value)

Detailed Description

Workflow states for CustusX.

Maintains global state. The responsibility of this service has been reduced, it now controls the workflow steps.


The use of CustusX during a surgical procedure can be broken down into a series of steps:

  • Preoperative data acquisition
  • Planning
  • Registration
  • Navigation + Intraoperative data acquisition.
  • Postoperative analysis

This is the main workflow. Each step is named a Workflow State, and are states in StateManager. They can be customized in the State Manager, and they have a unique GUI setup.

Workflow steps. The buttons are enlarged.
See also

During each step, There are operations that usually are performed in sequence. Examples:

  • Acquire data -> reconstruct.
  • Import/acquire data -> show in view.

These automations can be set in Preferences->Automation.

4. aug. 2010
Janne Beate Bakeng, SINTEF

Definition at line 102 of file cxStateService.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual cx::StateService::~StateService ( )

Definition at line 107 of file cxStateService.h.

Member Function Documentation

void cx::StateService::applicationStateChanged ( )
template<class T >
void cx::StateService::fillDefault ( QString  name,

Definition at line 126 of file cxStateService.h.

void cx::StateService::fillDefaultSettings ( )

Enter all default Settings here.

Definition at line 54 of file cxStateService.cpp.

virtual Desktop cx::StateService::getActiveDesktop ( )
pure virtual
virtual QStringList cx::StateService::getAllApplicationStateNames ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual QString cx::StateService::getApplicationStateName ( ) const
pure virtual
StateServicePtr cx::StateService::getNullObject ( )

Definition at line 43 of file cxStateService.cpp.

virtual QString cx::StateService::getVersionName ( )
pure virtual
virtual QActionGroup* cx::StateService::getWorkflowActions ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool cx::StateService::isNull ( )
pure virtual
virtual void cx::StateService::resetDesktop ( )
pure virtual
virtual void cx::StateService::saveDesktop ( Desktop  desktop)
pure virtual
virtual void cx::StateService::setWorkFlowState ( QString  uid)
pure virtual
void cx::StateService::workflowStateAboutToChange ( )
void cx::StateService::workflowStateChanged ( )

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