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cx::TimelineWidget Class Reference

widget for displaying a timeline for events. More...

#include <cxTimelineWidget.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::TimelineWidget:


void positionChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 TimelineWidget (QWidget *parent)
virtual ~TimelineWidget ()
void setEvents (std::vector< TimelineEvent > events)
void setRange (double start, double stop)
void setPos (double pos)
double getPos () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool event (QEvent *event)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *evt)
 Reimplemented from superclass. More...
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event)
 Reimplemented from superclass. Paints the transferfunction GUI. More...
virtual QSize sizeHint () const
QSize minimumSizeHint () const

Detailed Description

widget for displaying a timeline for events.

The point is to display periods of time where tools are visible in a different color than the visible periods. Also other events like registration, data load.

Mar 29, 2012
Christian Askeland, SINTEF

Definition at line 38 of file cxTimelineWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::TimelineWidget::TimelineWidget ( QWidget *  parent)

Definition at line 27 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

cx::TimelineWidget::~TimelineWidget ( )

Definition at line 45 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool cx::TimelineWidget::event ( QEvent *  event)

Definition at line 378 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

double cx::TimelineWidget::getPos ( ) const

Definition at line 57 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

QSize cx::TimelineWidget::minimumSizeHint ( ) const

Definition at line 446 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

void cx::TimelineWidget::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event)

Definition at line 423 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

void cx::TimelineWidget::mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event)

Definition at line 364 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

void cx::TimelineWidget::mouseReleaseEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event)

Definition at line 373 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

void cx::TimelineWidget::paintEvent ( QPaintEvent *  event)

Reimplemented from superclass. Paints the transferfunction GUI.

Definition at line 237 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

void cx::TimelineWidget::positionChanged ( )
void cx::TimelineWidget::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent *  evt)

Reimplemented from superclass.

Definition at line 348 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

void cx::TimelineWidget::setEvents ( std::vector< TimelineEvent events)

Definition at line 185 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

void cx::TimelineWidget::setPos ( double  pos)

Definition at line 50 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

void cx::TimelineWidget::setRange ( double  start,
double  stop 

Definition at line 210 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

QSize cx::TimelineWidget::sizeHint ( ) const

Definition at line 441 of file cxTimelineWidget.cpp.

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