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cx::TrackedStream Class Reference

A data set for video streams (2D/3D). More...

#include <cxTrackedStream.h>

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void streamChanged (QString uid)
void newTool (ToolPtr tool)
void newVideoSource (VideoSourcePtr videoSource)
void newFrame ()
void streaming (bool on)
 emitted when streaming started/stopped More...
void newPosition ()
- Signals inherited from cx::Data
void transformChanged ()
 emitted when transform is changed More...
void propertiesChanged ()
 emitted when one of the metadata properties (uid, name etc) changes More...
void clipPlanesChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 TrackedStream (const QString &uid, const QString &name, const ToolPtr &probe, const VideoSourcePtr &videoSource)
 ~TrackedStream ()
void setProbeTool (const ToolPtr &probeTool)
ToolPtr getProbeTool ()
void setVideoSource (const VideoSourcePtr &videoSource)
VideoSourcePtr getVideoSource ()
void setSpaceProvider (SpaceProviderPtr spaceProvider)
virtual void addXml (QDomNode &dataNode)
 adds xml information about the data and its variabels More...
virtual void parseXml (QDomNode &dataNode)
 Use a XML node to load data. More...
virtual DoubleBoundingBox3D boundingBox () const
virtual bool load (QString path, FileManagerServicePtr filemanager)
 Not used. More...
virtual void save (const QString &basePath, FileManagerServicePtr filemanager)
 Not used. More...
virtual QString getType () const
ImagePtr getChangingImage ()
bool is3D ()
bool is2D ()
bool hasVideo () const
bool isStreaming () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::Data
 Data (const QString &uid, const QString &name="")
virtual ~Data ()
void setUid (const QString &uid)
void setName (const QString &name)
void setAcquisitionTime (QDateTime time)
void setSoftwareAcquisitionTime (QDateTime time)
void setOriginalAcquisitionTime (QDateTime time)
virtual RegistrationHistoryPtr get_rMd_History ()
LandmarksPtr getLandmarks ()
virtual QString getUid () const
virtual QString getName () const
virtual Transform3D get_rMd () const
virtual QDateTime getAcquisitionTime () const
virtual TimeInfo getAdvancedTimeInfo () const
virtual QIcon getIcon ()
virtual bool isEqual (DataPtr metric)
virtual QString getFilename () const
virtual void setFilename (QString val)
virtual QString getSpace ()
virtual QString getParentSpace ()
virtual std::vector< Vector3DgetPointCloud () const
virtual CoordinateSystem getCoordinateSystem ()
virtual void addPersistentClipPlane (vtkPlanePtr plane)
virtual std::vector< vtkPlanePtrgetAllClipPlanes ()
virtual void clearPersistentClipPlanes ()
virtual void setInteractiveClipPlane (vtkPlanePtr plane)
 set a plane that is not saved More...
void addInteractiveClipPlane (vtkPlanePtr plane)
void removeInteractiveClipPlane (vtkPlanePtr plane)

Static Public Member Functions

static TrackedStreamPtr create (const QString &uid, const QString &name="")
static QString getTypeName ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Slots inherited from cx::Data
virtual void transformChangedSlot ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from cx::Data
QString mUid
QString mName
QString mFilename
TimeInfo mTimeInfo
LandmarksPtr mLandmarks
RegistrationHistoryPtr m_rMd_History
std::vector< vtkPlanePtrmPersistentClipPlanes
std::vector< vtkPlanePtrmInteractiveClipPlanes
vtkPlanePtr mInteractiveClipPlane

Detailed Description

A data set for video streams (2D/3D).

Allowing video stream as a data type

jan 28, 2015
Ole Vegard Solberg, SINTEF

Definition at line 29 of file cxTrackedStream.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::TrackedStream::TrackedStream ( const QString &  uid,
const QString &  name,
const ToolPtr probe,
const VideoSourcePtr videoSource 

Definition at line 31 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

cx::TrackedStream::~TrackedStream ( )

Definition at line 42 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void cx::TrackedStream::addXml ( QDomNode &  dataNode)

adds xml information about the data and its variabels

Reimplemented from cx::Data.

Definition at line 138 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

DoubleBoundingBox3D cx::TrackedStream::boundingBox ( ) const

Implements cx::Data.

Definition at line 148 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

TrackedStreamPtr cx::TrackedStream::create ( const QString &  uid,
const QString &  name = "" 

Definition at line 26 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

ImagePtr cx::TrackedStream::getChangingImage ( )

Definition at line 166 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

ToolPtr cx::TrackedStream::getProbeTool ( )

Definition at line 94 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

QString cx::TrackedStream::getType ( ) const

Reimplemented from cx::Data.

Definition at line 156 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

QString cx::TrackedStream::getTypeName ( )

Definition at line 161 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

VideoSourcePtr cx::TrackedStream::getVideoSource ( )

Definition at line 128 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

bool cx::TrackedStream::hasVideo ( ) const

Definition at line 191 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

bool cx::TrackedStream::is2D ( )

Definition at line 183 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

bool cx::TrackedStream::is3D ( )

Definition at line 175 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

bool cx::TrackedStream::isStreaming ( ) const

Definition at line 198 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

virtual bool cx::TrackedStream::load ( QString  path,
FileManagerServicePtr  filemanager 

Not used.

Implements cx::Data.

Definition at line 47 of file cxTrackedStream.h.

void cx::TrackedStream::newFrame ( )
void cx::TrackedStream::newPosition ( )
void cx::TrackedStream::newTool ( ToolPtr  tool)
void cx::TrackedStream::newVideoSource ( VideoSourcePtr  videoSource)
void cx::TrackedStream::parseXml ( QDomNode &  dataNode)

Use a XML node to load data.

dataNodeA XML data representation of this object.

Reimplemented from cx::Data.

Definition at line 143 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

virtual void cx::TrackedStream::save ( const QString &  basePath,
FileManagerServicePtr  filemanager 

Not used.

Implements cx::Data.

Definition at line 48 of file cxTrackedStream.h.

void cx::TrackedStream::setProbeTool ( const ToolPtr probeTool)

Definition at line 51 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

void cx::TrackedStream::setSpaceProvider ( SpaceProviderPtr  spaceProvider)

Definition at line 133 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

void cx::TrackedStream::setVideoSource ( const VideoSourcePtr videoSource)

Definition at line 99 of file cxTrackedStream.cpp.

void cx::TrackedStream::streamChanged ( QString  uid)
void cx::TrackedStream::streaming ( bool  on)

emitted when streaming started/stopped

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