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cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem Class Reference

#include <cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem:
cx::ViewRepCollection cx::View

Public Member Functions

 ViewLinkingViewContainerItem (ViewItem *base, vtkRenderWindowPtr renderWindow)
virtual ~ViewLinkingViewContainerItem ()
virtual QSize size () const
virtual void setZoomFactor (double factor)
virtual double getZoomFactor () const
virtual Transform3D get_vpMs () const
virtual DoubleBoundingBox3D getViewport () const
virtual DoubleBoundingBox3D getViewport_s () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::ViewRepCollection
 ViewRepCollection (vtkRenderWindowPtr renderWindow, const QString &uid, const QString &name="")
 constructor More...
virtual ~ViewRepCollection ()
void print (std::ostream &os)
virtual void printSelf (std::ostream &os, Indent indent)
virtual void clear ()
 Removes everything in the view, inluding reps. More...
virtual vtkRenderWindowPtr getRenderWindow () const
 Get the vtkRenderWindow used by this View. More...
virtual View::Type getType () const
virtual void setType (View::Type type)
virtual QString getTypeString () const
virtual QString getUid ()
 Get a views unique id. More...
virtual QString getName ()
 Get a views name. More...
virtual vtkRendererPtr getRenderer () const
 Get the renderer used by this View. More...
virtual void addRep (const RepPtr &rep)
 Adds and connects a rep to the view. More...
virtual void removeRep (const RepPtr &rep)
 Removes and disconnects the rep from the view. More...
virtual bool hasRep (const RepPtr &rep) const
 Checks if the view already have the rep. More...
virtual std::vector< RepPtrgetReps ()
 Returns all reps in the view. More...
virtual void removeReps ()
 Removes all reps in the view. More...
virtual void setBackgroundColor (QColor color)
virtual void setModified ()
int computeTotalMTime ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cx::View
virtual ~View ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ViewRepCollectionPtr create (ViewItem *base, vtkRenderWindowPtr renderWindow)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cx::ViewRepCollection
typedef std::vector< RepPtr >::iterator RepsIter
 Iterator typedef for the internal rep vector. More...
- Public Types inherited from cx::View
- Signals inherited from cx::View
void resized (QSize size)
void mouseMove (int x, int y, Qt::MouseButtons buttons)
void mousePress (int x, int y, Qt::MouseButtons buttons)
void mouseRelease (int x, int y, Qt::MouseButtons buttons)
void mouseWheel (int x, int y, int delta, int orientation, Qt::MouseButtons buttons)
void shown ()
void focusChange (bool gotFocus, Qt::FocusReason reason)
void customContextMenuRequested (const QPoint &)
- Public Attributes inherited from cx::ViewRepCollection
QColor mBackgroundColor
QString mUid
 The view's unique id. More...
QString mName
 The view's name. More...
vtkRenderWindowPtr mRenderWindow
vtkRendererPtr mRenderer
std::vector< RepPtrmReps
 Storage for internal reps. More...
View::Type mType
boost::weak_ptr< class ViewmSelf

Detailed Description

Christian Askeland

Definition at line 30 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem ( ViewItem base,
vtkRenderWindowPtr  renderWindow 

Definition at line 24 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::~ViewLinkingViewContainerItem ( )

Definition at line 40 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

ViewRepCollectionPtr cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::create ( ViewItem base,
vtkRenderWindowPtr  renderWindow 

Definition at line 17 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

Transform3D cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::get_vpMs ( ) const

Implements cx::View.

Definition at line 58 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

DoubleBoundingBox3D cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::getViewport ( ) const

Implements cx::View.

Definition at line 64 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

DoubleBoundingBox3D cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::getViewport_s ( ) const

Implements cx::View.

Definition at line 70 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

double cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::getZoomFactor ( ) const

Implements cx::View.

Definition at line 52 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

void cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::setZoomFactor ( double  factor)

Implements cx::View.

Definition at line 47 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

QSize cx::ViewLinkingViewContainerItem::size ( ) const

Implements cx::View.

Definition at line 41 of file cxViewLinkingViewContainerItem.cpp.

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