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cx::ViewService Class Referenceabstract

Visualization services. More...

#include <cxViewService.h>

Inheritance diagram for cx::ViewService:
cx::ViewImplService cx::ViewServiceNull cx::ViewServiceProxy

Public Slots

virtual void aboutToStop ()=0


void fps (int number)
 Emits number of frames per second. More...
void activeLayoutChanged ()
 emitted when the active layout changes More...
void activeViewChanged ()
 emitted when the active view changes More...
void renderingEnabledChanged ()
 emitted then rendering is enabled/disabled More...
void pointSampled (Vector3D p_r)
void renderFinished ()

Public Member Functions

virtual ViewPtr get3DView (int group=0, int index=0)=0
RepContainerPtr get3DReps (int group=0, int index=0)
virtual int getActiveGroupId () const =0
virtual ViewGroupDataPtr getGroup (int groupIdx) const =0
unsigned groupCount () const
virtual void setRegistrationMode (REGISTRATION_STATUS mode)=0
virtual void autoShowData (DataPtr data)=0
virtual void enableRender (bool val)=0
virtual bool renderingIsEnabled () const =0
virtual QWidget * createLayoutWidget (QWidget *parent, int index=0)=0
 Get the specified layout widget, create if necessary. More...
virtual QWidget * getLayoutWidget (int index)=0
 Get the specified layout widget, NULL if not created. More...
virtual QString getActiveLayout (int widgetIndex=0) const =0
virtual void setActiveLayout (const QString &uid, int widgetIndex=0)=0
virtual void deactivateLayout ()
virtual ClippersPtr getClippers ()=0
virtual InteractiveCropperPtr getCropper ()=0
virtual CyclicActionLoggerPtr getRenderTimer ()=0
virtual NavigationPtr getNavigation (int group=0)=0
virtual LayoutRepositoryPtr getLayoutRepository ()=0
virtual CameraControlPtr getCameraControl ()=0
virtual QActionGroup * getInteractorStyleActionGroup ()=0
virtual void centerToImageCenterInActiveViewGroup ()=0
virtual void setCameraStyle (CAMERA_STYLE_TYPE style, int groupIdx)=0
virtual void zoomCamera3D (int viewGroup3DNumber, int zoomFactor)=0
virtual void addDefaultLayout (LayoutData layoutData)=0
virtual void enableContextMenuForViews (bool enable=true)=0
virtual bool isNull ()=0
ViewGroupDataPtr getActiveViewGroup ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ViewServicePtr getNullObject ()

Detailed Description

Visualization services.

Ole Vegard Solberg, SINTEF

Definition at line 50 of file cxViewService.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cx::ViewService::aboutToStop ( )
pure virtualslot
void cx::ViewService::activeLayoutChanged ( )

emitted when the active layout changes

void cx::ViewService::activeViewChanged ( )

emitted when the active view changes

virtual void cx::ViewService::addDefaultLayout ( LayoutData  layoutData)
pure virtual
virtual void cx::ViewService::autoShowData ( DataPtr  data)
pure virtual
virtual void cx::ViewService::centerToImageCenterInActiveViewGroup ( )
pure virtual
virtual QWidget* cx::ViewService::createLayoutWidget ( QWidget *  parent,
int  index = 0 
pure virtual

Get the specified layout widget, create if necessary.

Implemented in cx::ViewImplService, cx::ViewServiceProxy, and cx::ViewServiceNull.

void cx::ViewService::deactivateLayout ( )

Definition at line 48 of file cxViewService.cpp.

virtual void cx::ViewService::enableContextMenuForViews ( bool  enable = true)
pure virtual
virtual void cx::ViewService::enableRender ( bool  val)
pure virtual
void cx::ViewService::fps ( int  number)

Emits number of frames per second.

RepContainerPtr cx::ViewService::get3DReps ( int  group = 0,
int  index = 0 

Definition at line 54 of file cxViewService.cpp.

virtual ViewPtr cx::ViewService::get3DView ( int  group = 0,
int  index = 0 
pure virtual
virtual int cx::ViewService::getActiveGroupId ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual QString cx::ViewService::getActiveLayout ( int  widgetIndex = 0) const
pure virtual
ViewGroupDataPtr cx::ViewService::getActiveViewGroup ( )

Definition at line 64 of file cxViewService.cpp.

virtual CameraControlPtr cx::ViewService::getCameraControl ( )
pure virtual
virtual ClippersPtr cx::ViewService::getClippers ( )
pure virtual
virtual InteractiveCropperPtr cx::ViewService::getCropper ( )
pure virtual
virtual ViewGroupDataPtr cx::ViewService::getGroup ( int  groupIdx) const
pure virtual
virtual QActionGroup* cx::ViewService::getInteractorStyleActionGroup ( )
pure virtual
virtual LayoutRepositoryPtr cx::ViewService::getLayoutRepository ( )
pure virtual
virtual QWidget* cx::ViewService::getLayoutWidget ( int  index)
pure virtual

Get the specified layout widget, NULL if not created.

Implemented in cx::ViewImplService, cx::ViewServiceProxy, and cx::ViewServiceNull.

virtual NavigationPtr cx::ViewService::getNavigation ( int  group = 0)
pure virtual
ViewServicePtr cx::ViewService::getNullObject ( )

Definition at line 31 of file cxViewService.cpp.

virtual CyclicActionLoggerPtr cx::ViewService::getRenderTimer ( )
pure virtual
unsigned cx::ViewService::groupCount ( ) const

Definition at line 40 of file cxViewService.cpp.

virtual bool cx::ViewService::isNull ( )
pure virtual
void cx::ViewService::pointSampled ( Vector3D  p_r)
void cx::ViewService::renderFinished ( )
void cx::ViewService::renderingEnabledChanged ( )

emitted then rendering is enabled/disabled

virtual bool cx::ViewService::renderingIsEnabled ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void cx::ViewService::setActiveLayout ( const QString &  uid,
int  widgetIndex = 0 
pure virtual
virtual void cx::ViewService::setCameraStyle ( CAMERA_STYLE_TYPE  style,
int  groupIdx 
pure virtual
virtual void cx::ViewService::setRegistrationMode ( REGISTRATION_STATUS  mode)
pure virtual
virtual void cx::ViewService::zoomCamera3D ( int  viewGroup3DNumber,
int  zoomFactor 
pure virtual

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