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cx::USReconstructInputDataAlgorithm Struct Reference

#include <cxUSReconstructInputDataAlgoritms.h>

Public Member Functions

Transform3D interpolate (const Transform3D &a, const Transform3D &b, double t)

Static Public Member Functions

static void transformTrackingPositionsTo_prMu (USReconstructInputData *data)
static void transformFramePositionsTo_rMu (USReconstructInputData *data)
static std::vector< double > interpolateFramePositionsFromTracking (USReconstructInputData *data)
static Transform3D slerpInterpolate (const Transform3D &a, const Transform3D &b, double t)

Detailed Description

Collection of operations on USReconstructInputData

Mar 07, 2013
Christian Askeland, SINTEF

Definition at line 31 of file cxUSReconstructInputDataAlgoritms.h.

Member Function Documentation

Transform3D cx::USReconstructInputDataAlgorithm::interpolate ( const Transform3D a,
const Transform3D b,
double  t 

Linear interpolation between a and b. t = 1 means use only b;

Definition at line 97 of file cxUSReconstructInputDataAlgoritms.cpp.

std::vector< double > cx::USReconstructInputDataAlgorithm::interpolateFramePositionsFromTracking ( USReconstructInputData data)

Find frame positions based on the existing tool positions and timestamps for both tools and frames. Return a vector containing an error measure for each frame. The error is the max temporal distance from the frame to the two neighbouring tool positions.

Definition at line 47 of file cxUSReconstructInputDataAlgoritms.cpp.

Transform3D cx::USReconstructInputDataAlgorithm::slerpInterpolate ( const Transform3D a,
const Transform3D b,
double  t 

Interpolation between a and b Spherical interpolation of the rotation, and linear interpolation of the position. Uses Quaternion Slerp, so the rotational part of the matrix have to be converted to Quaternion before the interpolation (and back again afterwards).

Definition at line 81 of file cxUSReconstructInputDataAlgoritms.cpp.

void cx::USReconstructInputDataAlgorithm::transformFramePositionsTo_rMu ( USReconstructInputData data)

Pre: mFrames is prMt Post: mFrames is rMu

Definition at line 32 of file cxUSReconstructInputDataAlgoritms.cpp.

void cx::USReconstructInputDataAlgorithm::transformTrackingPositionsTo_prMu ( USReconstructInputData data)

Pre: mPos is prMt Post: mPos is prMu

Definition at line 17 of file cxUSReconstructInputDataAlgoritms.cpp.

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