CustusX  2022.05.26-dev+develop.ffefb6
An IGT application
Export Overview

All data for a session is stored in a "Patient folder" ending with .cx3:

 |- Images         - Images and polydata
 |- Logs           - Log files and position data
 |- Screenshots    - Screenshots (still and video)
 |- US_Acq (*)     - 3D ultrasound acquisition data

Export Widget

Instead of copying out files from the "Patient folder", the export widget can be used for exporting data in a few formats.

  1. Choose desired export format.
  2. Select one or all data of this type.
  3. Press export button.

File types used by CustusX

Some data are created by CustusX or imported through plugins, while others are imported directly (Import Overview)

Datatype Saved/exported as file
Images/volumes .mhd
Surface models/polydata .vtk (Can be exported as .stl or .cgeo)
Tracking positions .snwpos
Grabbed ultrasound/video streams (*) .mhd
Digital 2D/3D ultrasound streams (*) .mhd
Metrics Can be exported as .txt
Screenshots .png
Video screeshots (uses VLC) .mp4

(*) For file format of 3D ultrasound acquisitions, see US Acquisition Data File Format