CustusX  2021.04.22-dev+develop.337f9
An IGT application


class  cx::IGSTKTrackingPluginActivator
class  cx::IgstkTool
 Class for controlling the igstk tracking (hardware) interface. More...
class  cx::IgstkToolManager
 Manager for IGSTK interface.The manager exists inside IgstkTrackerThread . More...
class  cx::IgstkTracker
 Class representing the navigation system. More...
class  cx::IgstkTrackerThread
 Thread containing all of IGSTK. More...
class  cx::ToolUsingIGSTK
 Class representing the tools a navigation system can recognize. More...
class  cx::TrackingSystemIGSTKService
 Interface towards one tracking system. More...


typedef boost::shared_ptr< class IgstkTool > cx::IgstkToolPtr
typedef boost::weak_ptr< IgstkTool > cx::IgstkToolWeakPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< IgstkToolManager > cx::IgstkToolManagerPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< IgstkTracker > cx::TrackerPtr
typedef boost::weak_ptr< IgstkTracker > cx::TrackerWeakPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< IgstkTrackerThread > cx::IgstkTrackerThreadPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< class ProbeImpl > cx::ProbeImplPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< ToolUsingIGSTK > cx::ToolUsingIGSTKPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< class ManualToolAdapter > cx::ManualToolAdapterPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< class PlaybackTime > cx::PlaybackTimePtr


void cx::sampleInfo2xml (const igstk::NDITracker::TrackingSampleInfo &info, QDomElement &node)
bool cx::toolTypeSort (const ToolPtr tool1, const ToolPtr tool2)
 function for sorting tools by type More...

Detailed Description

See cx::TrackingImplService.

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::shared_ptr<IgstkToolManager> cx::IgstkToolManagerPtr

Definition at line 97 of file cxIgstkToolManager.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr< class IgstkTool > cx::IgstkToolPtr

Definition at line 35 of file cxOpenIGTLinkTool.h.

typedef boost::weak_ptr< IgstkTool > cx::IgstkToolWeakPtr

Definition at line 42 of file cxIgstkTool.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr< class IgstkTrackerThread > cx::IgstkTrackerThreadPtr

Definition at line 80 of file cxIgstkTrackerThread.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr< ManualToolAdapter > cx::ManualToolAdapterPtr

Definition at line 33 of file cxTrackingImplService.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr< class PlaybackTime > cx::PlaybackTimePtr

Definition at line 42 of file cxTrackingSystemBronchoscopyService.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr< class ProbeImpl > cx::ProbeImplPtr

Definition at line 36 of file cxOpenIGTLinkTool.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr<ToolUsingIGSTK> cx::ToolUsingIGSTKPtr

Definition at line 125 of file cxToolUsingIGSTK.h.

typedef boost::shared_ptr<IgstkTracker> cx::TrackerPtr

Definition at line 157 of file cxIgstkTracker.h.

typedef boost::weak_ptr<IgstkTracker> cx::TrackerWeakPtr

Definition at line 158 of file cxIgstkTracker.h.

Function Documentation

void cx::sampleInfo2xml ( const igstk::NDITracker::TrackingSampleInfo &  info,
QDomElement &  node 

Definition at line 20 of file cxIgstkToolManager.cpp.

bool cx::toolTypeSort ( const ToolPtr  tool1,
const ToolPtr  tool2 

function for sorting tools by type

sorts tools in descending order of type

tool1the first tool
tool2the second tool
whether the second tool is of higher priority than the first or not

Definition at line 549 of file cxTrackingImplService.cpp.